GHAG partners with any NGO that has the same ethos as the Group and has recently partnered with Goencho Ekvott on opposing the double track railway line that was likely to destroy heritage houses in South Goa. GHAG has partnered with Goencho Avaz on the presentation of videos on Goan heritage. GHAG has partnered with Museum of Christian Art on a series of webinars on Goan arts. It has also partnered with the Don Bosco College of Engineering on a webinar on the endangered Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa. GHAG has also partnered with the Save Old Goa Action Committee on opposing the illegal concrete structure that is coming up on a Protected Site in Old Goa.

GHAG has collaborated with Charles Correa Foundation and the Goa Foundation in presentations at the GCZP public hearings held recently in July 2021. GHAG was proudly associated with the Fundação Oriénte Delegation in Panaji and with Panjim Inn and Gitanjali Art Gallery during the Fontainhas Festival of the Arts. Both these institutions have hosted our Guest Speakers and generously hosted our Guest Lectures delivered by eminent artists and art curators from the art world outside Goa.

GHAG has also collaborated with Sunapranta Centre for the Arts, Goa on a series of guest lectures on Intangible Cultural Heritage. An interactive collaborative talk on the Kunbi sari was held at the Sunapranta in April, 2021.