Heta Pandit

Vice Chairperson

Heta Pandit began her career as a writer and researcher on heritage as Jt. Hon. Secretary, Indian Heritage Society, Bombay. She co-founded the Goa Heritage Action Group in 2000 and has written 9 books on heritage: – A Heritage Guide to Kerala, Houses of Goa, Hidden Hands-Masterbuilders of Goa, Dust & Other Short Stories from Goa, Walking in Goa, Walking in Old Goa, Walking with Angels, There’s More to Life Than a House in Goa and Grinding Stories-Songs from Goa.

Heta is considered an expert on Goan domestic architecture of Goa’s beautiful houses. She also translates Goan literature from the Marathi language into English to enable this genre to reach a wider audience. She is currently working on Grinding Stories Volume II, as well as a book on Goan houses and a translation of Mrs Pournima Kerkar’s book Vismrutichya Umbarthyavar, on Goa’s heritage domestic objects and spaces of Goa.