Grinding Stories

Songs Sungs at the Grinding Stone.
Storytellers: Amelia Dias and group from Paroda Quepem, Sarojini Bhiva Gaonkar, Saraswati Sawant and Subhadra Arjun Gawas.

A Sister’s Song
I am a sister much loved, cared, for I have a younger brother

Bhujang The King Cobra
It is raining, Oh how much it rains,

The Monsoon Song
I put my left leg out, wrapped around the grinding stone

Those Buds Are Not For You
Those buds are not for you dear boy, those buds are not for him either

I Can Only Come For The Ganesh Festival
In the market of Sankhli, A sister met with her brother

Evening Song
It is evening, she sits at the grinding stone, she calls out her family, light the lamps

The Homecoming Songs from Goa
Brother is in service so far away from home, he has come on leave

Rinanubandh Lokvedache